Mountain Trekking

Mountain Trekking is a fantastic way to experience nature on your feet, discovering people, culture and beautiful landscapes, but it’s just comparatively more challenging and takes longer to complete.

The trips can vary from two or more days, while hiking is usually over within few hours of walk through the terrain. In terms of trekking, Tanzania is considered as a paradise because of its vastness and variety in offerings and there’s just so much to discover.


Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzania’s snow-capped mountain is something that every trekking enthusiast wishes to trek on. And why not, natural forests covering 1,000 square kilometers and rare animals and birds are located in here. Along with that, expect to see glaciers, five distinct climate zones, and alpine deserts. There are not one but seven different routes to choose from.

Mount Meru

After Kilimanjaro, it is the second preferred trekking option. Centerpiece of Arusha National Park, the fertile grassy slopes make it an ideal trekking destination with lesser risks, it is compared to Mt. Kilimanjaro.


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